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Unwrap the Magic: Christmas Party at Brean Country Club!

The much-anticipated countdown to Christmas is in full swing, and if you're in search of the quintessential festive celebration, your quest ends here! Brean Country Club beckons you to immerse yourself in an extraordinary evening, brimming with the enchantment of jingles, boundless joy, and the heart-warming spirit of holiday cheer.

Our Christmas parties in Somerset are crafted to deliver an experience that transcends the ordinary, creating memories that linger long after the tinsel and twinkling lights have been packed away. As the demand for our exclusive party nights soars, securing your spot now becomes not just a choice but a ticket to a celebration that promises to redefine your holiday festivities.

Located in the heart of Somerset, Brean Country Club stands as a beacon of festive allure, inviting you to step into a world where modern elegance seamlessly mingles with traditional Christmas charm. Our venue is more than just a backdrop; it's a canvas for unforgettable moments, a winter wonderland waiting to be explored by you and your guests.

Christmas parties at Brean Country Club

Party Nights at Brean Country Club

Saturday, 2nd December - 'Jump' Party Band as the Sneaky Blinders

Immerse yourself in the rhythm of the season with live music from the sensational 'Jump' Party Band. Priced at just £49 per person, this magical night includes a delectable 3-course meal and promises an atmosphere that's both lively and elegant. Brean Country Club sets the stage for a celebration like no other, where memories are made, and the festive spirit is alive.

Friday, 15th December - Festive DJ Night

Dance into the holiday season with our resident DJ for an evening of Festive cheer. Indulge in a fabulous two-course meal and let the disco lights guide you through a night of merriment. At Brean Country Club, we believe in creating moments that sparkle, making this night one to remember.

Why Choose Brean Country Club for Your Christmas Party?

At Brean Country Club, we offer a unique blend of contemporary elegance and traditional Christmas charm in our modern venue. Step into a winter wonderland as our carefully curated festive decorations transport you to a magical realm of winter wonderland. Whether you're planning an office party or a gathering with friends, our venue sets the perfect stage for an unforgettable celebration.

Our chefs take the art of culinary delight to a whole new level with a new mouth-watering menu designed to tantalize your taste buds. Every dish is a symphony of festive flavours, ensuring that each bite is a journey through the joyous spirit of Christmas. Immerse yourself in the festive cheer and treat yourself to an exquisite dining experience with our brand-new menu.

Looking for a daytime festive celebration?

From mouth-watering seasonal dishes to a warm and inviting atmosphere, join us for a culinary celebration that captures the essence of the season. Whether you're planning a festive family gathering or a cosy meal with friends, The View invites you to savour the joy of the holidays with every exquisite bite. Make your reservation today and treat yourself to a memorable dining experience that perfectly complements the festive spirit.

festive afternoon tea at Brean Country Club

This Christmas, make memories that will last a lifetime. Choose Brean Country Club for an enchanting evening that perfectly blends sophistication with the spirit of the season. Book your spot now and let the festivities begin! 🌟🥂



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