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A Sneak Peek Into Making The Best Grilled Dishes in Somerset

Get ready for an extraordinary culinary journey as we unveil a mouth-watering new Grill Night menu designed to wow your taste buds. We crafted a completely new menu, which will replace our Steak Fridays and were keen to show you what to expect this Friday, 9th of February on our very first Grill Night at The View Restaurant.

From the initial stages of brainstorming and developing the recipes to the tasting sessions and styled photoshoot capturing our revamped dishes, every step has been a gastronomic adventure. Join us for an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into a day filled with the excitement of creating our new look for probably the best grilled dishes in Somerset.

During the cold winter months, we’ve been working hard trying to create the perfect blend of traditional Somerset kitchen with a modern twist to elevate the flavours and make the menu unique. It was ultimate teamwork across the resort, where management, chefs and marketing all worked together, planning, developing and styling the best menu, to excite even the pickiest eaters.

We researched and brainstormed the menu items, selecting the classical dishes that everyone loves, some modern grilled favourites and combined them with modern flavours to create a unique and unforgettable menu.

Our chefs showcased their skills by selecting the best ingredients for each recipe, focusing on sustainability and choosing locally-grown produce. We cooked every meal on the menu, and it all looked so good that the marketing team couldn’t resist taking some photos to share and invite you to try our newest dishes.

We asked our chefs, what they think of the new Grill Night menu, and this is what they said:

“We are really happy to see ideas becoming the reality. It had been a long time since we wanted to try new recipes and techniques, and finally, it is here! We cannot wait to welcome the public to try our newest dishes and look forward to pleasantly surprise every customer…”

As we reflect on the journey from concept to creation, it's clear that crafting our new Grill Night menu has been nothing short of a culinary adventure. Through the chilly winter months, we've worked hard to merge traditional Somerset flavours with a contemporary flair. This project has been a testament to teamwork, with every department across the resort collaborating seamlessly to bring our vision to life.

From brainstorming sessions to recipe development, to meticulous ingredient selection each step ensures that every dish on our menu is a masterpiece. Our chefs have poured their expertise and passion into crafting a selection that embodies the essence of Somerset cuisine while embracing modern culinary trends.

Get ready for an immersive dining experience at The View. Our new Grill Night menu is a mix of flavours, creativity, and regional charm that you won't want to miss. Your table is waiting for you to come and enjoy the best of Somerset's culinary delights. So, invite your family and friends and come to taste the unique fusion of flavours and artistry that we have to offer - we promise you won't be disappointed!

View our new Grill Night menu here

Book a table now and be one of the first ones to try the Grill Night menu!



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