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On the Golf Course


We request that each golfer carries their own hand sanitiser in their golf bag to use as required.


ENGLAND GOLF – From Monday 19th July 2021

All restrictions on touch points are removed. All adjustments to the Rules of Golf to cover the COVID pandemic are rescinded.


Flagsticks may be removed and the hole must conform to the Rules of Golf such that the definition of a Ball Holed is once more enforced (noting the exception in Rule 13.2 – Ball Resting against Flagstick).


With no restrictions on bunker rakes on the course, a local rule to allow preferred lies in bunkers is not permitted and generally making all bunkers GUR is no longer permitted.


Rule 3.3b (scoring in Stroke Play) is reinstated fully and a return to a ‘normal’ method of attestation must be used for physical scorecards. Any use of electronic scorecards must fully implement the requirements of this rule. A reminder will be sent on how this show be done for those who may have forgotten or maybe have never marked a scorecard in the correct way under the normal Rules of Golf.


In short at Brean:

  • You can remove the flagsticks

  • You can rake the bunkers

  • Ball washers can be used

  • Play it as it lies in bunkers

  • Scorecards must be marked correctly by swopping them and must have two signatures and your course handicap shown to avoid a DQ

  • You can now repair pitchmarks too please! (ok, I’ve added that one in but it is just as important as the others!)


Off the Course


As the next government step is released on Monday 19th July we are starting to confirm our operational changes for our golf members and visitors off course.


Whilst there is a relaxation in legal rules as we know the virus is still around and there are reasonably high rates across the Country. On the other hand more of us have now been vaccinated offering greater protection and defence. As a result we are not relaxing all controls to ensure your safety and that of others whilst you are on site.


We will be removing general COVID signage, one way systems and replacing with a 'Keeping each Other Safe Commitment' as shown below.


“Keeping Each Other Safe Commitment”

1. Regular washing and sanitising of our HANDS

2. Whilst optional, FACE coverings remain a safe idea indoors.

3. Let’s respect the SPACE of others around you


Whilst you are not legally required to wear face coverings after 19th July we are encouraging this in indoor areas however this is not enforceable by us or local authorities.  


Track & trace QR codes will remain in place – you can use these at your discretion. You are not legally required to do this.


We are changing our F&B operation within areas as table service can be removed and capacities increased. You can order drinks at the bar although table service may still be an option.


Please do not visit the golf club if you have COVID symptoms or have been requested to self isolate.


The screens will remain in place in the Pro Shop however the number of customer restrictions will be removed from Monday.


We have decided for the time being to remain with the tee time booking parameters of 14 days in advance for members and 7 days for visiting golfers with the tee time spacings remaining at 9 minutes. We have found this has worked well with a noticeable fewer n shows for tee times.


The changing rooms will re-open for use as will the shower facilities. These should be accessed by entering the building from the entrance into or near the Pro Shop and not via the front doors as was required with the one way system in use.


Hopefully, this can be another step forward for us all but please remember that on Monday the virus has not just disappeared and consider your actions around members of staff and other golfers

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