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*Must be paid upon joining

*Must be paid upon joining

Make an initial payment at either level to get credits for golf. Top up when required and any unused credit can even be carried forward into the next year*. Golfers can join at any point during the year.

The first payment for FLEX is £315 plus golf union fees and insurance of £29 or £210 plus the £29 fees for the FLEX LITE.

Find a flex membership to suit your lifestyle

Flex Membership Terms and Conditions

  • Initial amount gives you credit for a set number of rounds of golf as per the chart shown.

  • When that credit runs out you can top up in the Pro Shop and get more rounds credit with immediate effect at a slightly cheaper rate per round than initially.

  • *Any leftover ‘topped up’ credit can be carried forward (excluding the initial fee paid) but a £40 admin charge would be deducted for this to be carried over into the next year e.g. for a FLEX member who has £90 left at end of Feb after topping up twice would have £40 deducted and £50 carried over giving a balance of £265 is then required to top this back up to the £315 required at the start of the next FLEX year when it resets to the start.

  • A FLEX member gets the same member benefits in terms of a Food and Beverage loyalty card, a WHS handicap index and 14 day advance tee booking ability but no lane swimming pool pass

  • Shorter rounds 9 (or 11) holes are charged at approx ½ credit. Twilight golf at 60% of the appropriate FLEX golf category rate.

  • No age parameters for this category

  • If Top Up 1 is exhausted then you also have the option to upgrade at that point to the full membership price for their category (e.g. for Seniors at £780 so an additional top up of £125 would see them revert to unlimited golf / full membership for the remainder of the golfing year.

  • Golfers can choose to change between FLEX and FLEX LITE at the time of any top up.

  • Brean Leisure Park Ltd reserve the right to remove this membership category at any time.

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